Medium Dog Wire Cage Basket Muzzle

This is the second muzzle that I am purchasing. Unfortunately I have two dogs that have decided that they want to kill each other all the time. But the first muzzle I purchased from you has lasted so well, that I am now ready to buy one for my other malamute. My dog has ripped through so many muzzles of other brands, but this one is really holding up! He is able to get it off sometimes, we call him Houdini because he is able to escape almost anything!! But we just tighten the strap tighter and that seems to help. I will probably buy a leather one for the boys next winter as the metal one gets packed with snow and then he does find a way to get it off. I imagine it makes it hard for him to breath. All in all, this is definitely the BEST muzzle I have ever seen or used!! And very reasonably priced! Thanks for making them so comfortable.

Susanna Mikkelson, 05/09/2009
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